Free Bass loops

June 2, 2014 rbarcelo 0

Bass loops are used in many of today’s major productions. Bass is one of the main components of any record and can help make any track stand out. […]

Free EDM Drum Loops

June 2, 2014 rbarcelo 1

EDM, also known as Electronic Dance Music is becoming an extremely popular genre of music. It has its roots from the late 60’s and 70’s disco […]

Free Acoustic Drum Loops

May 28, 2014 rbarcelo 0

The modern day drum kit originated in New Orleans in the 1920’s. Drums and percussion’s were normally played separately which made space a major issue, so the modern […]

Free Harp Loops

April 15, 2014 rbarcelo 6

The harp is one of the most melodic and beautiful instruments on earth. It has the ability to sooth the soul and bring a calm sensation […]

Free Blues Loops

April 7, 2014 rbarcelo 3

Blues music is one of the most renown genres of music in history. It has a unique sound and style that has evolved throughout its inception. […]